Helping everyone face the challenges of an unpredictable world.

Helping everyone
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AidTeam is a digital platform designed to educate, prepare and empower users for disasters and emergencies.

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The world’s climate is changing and increasingly unpredictable. We advocate having readiness training before, information during, and resources afterwards available to everyone when an emergency strikes.

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Join usin creating better outcomes for families and communities everywhere by donating to AidTeam. Your contribution supports free access to vital and timely information for those who need it most. You can help us get into the app stores and into the hands of everyday people.


AidTeam is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization



Interactive tasks take the thinking out of critical preparation activities for you and your family. Just follow the steps toward readiness.



In the works: An emergency vault to store your important documents, evacuation routes, contact information, and can be quickly shared in times of emergencies.



Connecting you to vetted educational training and certification programs so you can better serve your family and community in times of need.

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