Disaster Planning Education and Resources
Disaster Planning Education and Resources
AidTeam is a digital platform designed to educate, prepare and empower users for disasters and emergencies.
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AidTeam provides centralized disaster planning resources that are readily accessible before, during, and after an emergency. Through our robust digital toolkit we methodically guide users through preparation tasks and introductions to reputable training resources.

  • Post: Preparing for Earthquakes

    Preparing for Earthquakes

    Your Guide to Earthquake Preparation, Response, and Recovery. What to do before, during and after the earth shakes.

  • Post: Creating Emergency Contact Sheets

    Creating Emergency Contact Sheets

    Safely store and share emergency contact information with friends and family. Build and print you own any time.

Better preparation for greater peace of mind!

Having Fun and Getting Prepared

Online Disaster Planning

The world’s climate is changing and increasingly unpredictable. We advocate having readiness training before, information during, and resources afterwards available to everyone when an emergency strikes.

$1 of preventative investment saves $4 of recovery time.

~ Outsmart Disaster (CalOSBA)

AidTeam Difference

Life is unpredictable. Get prepared!

Know what to do before, during and after a disaster.


Engaging Preparation

Interactive tasks take the thinking out of critical preparation activities for you and your family. Just follow the steps toward readiness.


Best practice Training

Connecting you to vetted educational training and certification programs so you can better serve your family and community in times of need.

Start taking steps right away toward peace of mind. Our tasks and tools are immediately actionable, using common sense and best practices to get you, your family, and your community prepared.

Join us in creating better outcomes for families and communities everywhere.

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