AidTeam Toolkit

Robust Disaster Education

AidTeam Toolkit

Robust Disaster Education

Creating Emergency Contact Sheets

Create and share your emergency information with friends and family Preparedness is everything in the face of an emergency. Daily routines are easy to anticipate. Most of us wake around the same time every day, and we know more or less how the day might go (school, work, or otherwise). Every now and again something unexpected certainly occurs. But, these events are normally manageable. Yet, what about incidents that are beyond our control? ? While the unknown can be

Documenting Your Assets

Recording personal information so it's available when you need it most Simple steps to safeguard your most sensitive documents There are so many ways people procrastinate disaster planning. It’s easy to get glued to the television, hit the green, or just watch paint dry. But the minute your stuff gets threatened by a fire, or worse destroyed, you will want to kick yourself for not having taken the time to document it better. When it comes to your family’s well-being, don’t

Finding Local Emergency Shelters

Find where to get help after a disaster – before they strike. Disasters strike at inopportune moments Disasters strike at inopportune moments No time is a good time for a disaster. We can’t prepare for all that life throws at us. But we can have a plan in place of where and when to go should a disaster touch down and we need to call on the services of an emergency shelter. Federal emergency shelters

Home Fire Prevention

Home isn’t just the building that we live in. It’s a special place that provides shelter and warmth, it keeps us safe and protects the people and items that we treasure. Your home could be an apartment, a mobile home, a brick house or even a treehouse. It doesn’t matter what you call home, you want to protect it and those that share it with you. AVOID A TRIAL BY FIRE: Preparation Beyond Prevention Home isn’t just the building that we live in. It’s

Using A Fire Extinguisher

Have burning questions about fire extinguishers? Put them out by getting to know all about that little red cylinder that could just be a lifesaver. Fire. It seems to appear out of nowhere, but the damage can be lasting. The worst time to think about fire safety is when you’re facing one. Do you know how to operate a fire extinguisher? At home or at work, do you know where your extinguisher is — right now? And if you don’t have one, do


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