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Just having the resources to survive isn’t enough, learning how to use them and knowing what to do under pressure are essential to helping yourself and others.

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AidTeam offers users a robust digital toolkit to help better plan for emergencies with access to reputable training and certification resources, plus a comprehensivesurvival knowledge base


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  • Wearing Personal Protective Gear
  • Getting CERT Trained

  • Becoming a Lifeguard
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Saving lives as a career

AidTeam offers access to reputable training and certification resources. Show your support by donating or sponsoring an article:


The internet is an overwhelmingly vast information resource. It can be hard to decipher good insight and programs when it comes to disaster planning and training guides. AidTeam curates and recommends reputable training and certification programs, and we offer a vetted library of educational resources.


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